VOTE 2022



    Experience. Equality. Empathy.

Like you, I want a Democratic leader from San Diego, sent to Congress, that is experienced in life and work, culturally diverse, empathetic, responsive, and has integrity.

Like you, I am tired of seeing multi-millionaires elected to Congress who are out of touch with working class people and who use any unethical means for their personal political gain.

Like you, I am weary of the lack of representation and lack of voice from San Diego's ethnically diverse communities.

Like you, I know it is important to take action to solve problems, not simply talk.


Washington D.C. will only get better when we send better people.

I absolutely LOVE our country and I know we can be better.  I descend from ancestors who resiliently came through immigration, slavery, sharecropping, the battle for the right to vote as a woman and an African American, Jim Crow segregation and a continued struggle for equality.


San Diego is my home and I know we can do better with racial justice, Indigenous Peoples rights, affordable housing, universal child care, voting rights, climate justice, criminal justice reform, LGBTQ+ rights, care for military families, Medicare for all and more, if we have a real world, inclusive representative as our voice in Washington, D.C.

Therefore, I am running for House of Representatives in CA-53. 




Who Am I?

Multiethnic polyglot Jewish Black woman

Rooted for 40 years in San Diego

Raised by a resilient widowed mother

Working since the age of 12

(saving for college)

Master's degree educated in the USA and EU


Professional Life

TV & radio journalist

Adjunct university lecturer on religion, gender culture and media

Business consultant to female founders

Director, intercultural events organization

(involving diplomatic foreign relations)

Children's book author

(Lori Leak children's series)



Volunteer Work

*Elementary school teacher

*Global humanitarian aid volunteer

*Construction volunteer helping build houses for low-income households

*Advocate for sexual assault, rape and domestic violence survivors


The world is broken into chaos and injustice. It is everyone's job to do everyting they can to bring wholeness, peace and justice.


Thank you so very much for your support